SprezzaBox – Bowery (Dec 2019)

It’s the last month of the year, which means we have our last SprezzaBox of the year! Check out everything that we received in the Bowery box below.

Photo by Grace Creatives

I picked this box as part of the new PYOB (Pick Your Own Box) concept, which I’m really starting to enjoy. It’s obviously less of a surprise, but I’m more confident that I’m receiving something I’ll really enjoy.

This box came with a fun mix of items and a couple new brands I’ve never worked with. It starts out with the traditional tie and socks, but then they throw in a lapel pin, sunglasses, and a beanie.

The tie is a softer fabric and feels great.

I’ve never heard of Stesso socks, but these are a bit longer (taller?) than your average dress sock, which is a nice touch.

Photo by Grace Creatives

These sunglasses from Shades Club feel like they are decently made. They aren’t really my style, but they’re unisex and my wife is a fan!

The beanie is also well made and from a brand I’ve never heard of (Dibi). I’m not really a winter hat person, but it’s always nice to have a spare when you live in Wisco!

A fun little addition to this box is the arrow shaped lapel pin from Oxford Square. It’s kind of a bronzy gold color, if that makes sense. Will be a great addition to any suit.

Thanks for stopping in to check out this box and we will see you next year!!!