Mud\Wtr – A Coffee Alternative

I’ve been drinking coffee for years (when it’s convenient) and am not one to NEED coffee, but can appreciate the caffeine and flavor of a good cup. My wife, on the other hand, needs something hot (coffee, tea, hot chocolate) every minute of every day, but hates the way caffeine gives her headaches and resorts to decaf.

Needless to say, our relationship with coffee is pretty dull… I drink it because it’s available at work, she drinks it to stay warm but cuts out the caffeine.

Enter MudWtr, a hot new drink to the scene that’s looking to supplant your morning coffee and still provide you a jolt of focus/energy. We started a subscription to try these guys out and here are the thoughts so far.


First and foremost, you should know I found these guys all over Instagram. Their marketing team is currently destroying it and the package we received just oozes fun and excitement.

The starter kit we got comes with a few creamers (coconut milk and MCT Oil) and a really solid frother. But for real, I was overly impressed with the quality of this frother. It has removable heads (and they send three with it!)

The Mud

Alright, enough of the cool branding and products! This is about the actual mudwtr. I’ve had it every day so far this week and it definitely resembles mud a bit, which is kind of the idea and what you want to embrace. It’s a bit of an acquired taste, but no different on that scale than coffee. I quickly found myself appreciating the chai tea smell and slight taste and appreciating this without the creamer.

I often am a bit tired in the mornings when I sit down at my desk to work and coffee tends to solve that pretty well. I haven’t noticed a blip in my productivity this week after switched to mudwtr, so it’s definitely working! Additionally, I truly am starting to notice an added focus/mindset that I don’t usually have throughout the morning into the early afternoon.

Photo by Grace Creatives