SprezzaBox – Grand (Nov 2019)

As mentioned in a recent article, SprezzaBox now let’s you PYOB (Pick your own Box)! I received the box that I chose a few weeks ago and review all the pieces below!

This box (Grand) is a nice mix of the classics (socks & tie), with a few less common items mixed in. Overall the quality of everything is on-par and I’m excited to wear these pieces.

The Knottery has been around for nearly a decade, so I’ve heard of them more than once or twice. Checking out this tie from them has given me a new appreciation for their products. They definitely offer high-end products at a more reasonable price point.

The socks are from a brand, I recently just heard of, Twillory. They offer a quality mix of materials in their socks to help them feel comfortable all day. As an added bonus, I’m reviewing some of their other products soon!

A bit more unusual piece when it comes to SprezzaBox, is this pair of (tech) gloves from Everett. Not something I’ll utilize a ton just because I don’t often have gloves on, but my wife will appreciate them 😉

Next up, a very simple and clean pair of ‘aviator’ style sunglasses with a Sprezza sleeve. Nothing fancy here, but nice to get a pair of sunglasses (you can never have to many!).

I’ve received sample Brickell items previously, so I know their products are good (they’ve kind of exploded recently). Excited to have some more on hand!

Last (and maybe the coolest), I received an Elk Lapel Pin! Super unique piece that is nearly guaranteed to start conversations.

Thanks for checking out this box with me. Come back soon for December’s box!