SprezzaBox – Pick Your Own Box (PYOB)

If you follow us here at Made to Review then you know we’ve been an avid reviewer of the SprezzaBox Subscription boxes that offer great menswear staples along with some unique bits mixed in. If you’re in the market I’d have recommended SprezzaBox without concern. Today, I’m posting to share a new feature about SprezzaBox with you, Pick Your Own Box (PYOB).

If you thought I enjoyed these boxes before now, I’m even more of a fan with this new opportunity to PYOB! I’m waiting on my box for this month, but I wanted to share with you this new process. It offers the same original SprezzaBox experience, but with the added bonus of being able to choose from a handful of different boxes. In hindsight, this is probably the one benefit SprezzaBox was missing. You always risked receiving something you weren’t a huge fan of or just didn’t go with your style. Now that you can select a specific box, this is no longer a concern.

How it Works

It’s pretty simple really. Instead of receiving a confirmation email at the beginning of the month that your box is enroute, you get an email letting you know it’s time to pick your box:

If you still love the thrill of the surprise, you can just ignore this email and you’ll get one they select for you. If no, click in and choose away!

This month they offered a total of six different boxes. One was the previous month box (a nice benefit if you just signed up because of a specific item you saw) and the rest appear to be new (one other one might have been a mix of past products).

You can click in and see all the specifics related to each box before selecting too:

After perusing the different box options, I went ahead and selected my favorite, which was followed up by an instant confirmation email.

Come back in a few weeks to see which box I ended up choosing!