Kamado Joe – Joe Jr

After moving back to Wisconsin and finally getting settled in to our house, it was time to start considering some accessories that were needed. A critical household item is a quality grill. After always using basic gas grills, I did some significant research this time around and landed on a kamado style grill. This way, I could utilize it as a grill, but also as a smoker! After some more research and learning about the roadshow concept at Costco, the Kamado Joe Jr. was selected as the grill of choice.

Check out my initial review below!


We picked this Joe Jr. up at a Costco roadshow a few months back. It came in a box/crate, very well packaged, along with a bag of charcoal and fire starters.

Everything was packed well and the grill itself was already assembled, which made it very convenient to unpack.

First Impressions

I’m sure plenty of people disagree, but I think that these kamado style / egg shaped grills are sharp and fun to look at. They are a cool alternative to your traditional black/chrome box. The Kamado Joe Jr. specifically feels well made and all the bits and pieces are of high quality. It’s a bit cheaper than the larger size grills that Kamado Joe offers and also lacks a few cool bells and whistles, but I knew this going in and selected this one based on price point to dip my toe in the Kamado world!

Grilling w/a Kamado

Learning how to grill with the Kamado Joe Jr. has been an adventure! It is much different than your average grill and requires some serious learning. I’ve gotten pretty good at the process of starting the grill and keeping around an appropriate temperature, but I’m still learning the ins and outs of cooking different meals with it.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’ve fallen in love with this style of grill and am looking forward to continued development of my skill at cooking and smoking food! The price point to get in to the kamado world is a bit steep compared to other grills, but if you are willing to put in the effort and learn the technique, it’s extremely rewarding!