Bruno Marc – Rivera Shoes

I recently picked up a pair of Bruno Marc casual shoes from Amazon for a very reasonable price (somewhere right around $30). I’ve always preferred a bit more casual shoe to try and dress down my outfit a bit for days I’m just spending time in the office. No need to wear out the quality dress shoes when I’m not going anywhere 😉


The shoes came in a standard shoe box and it was just what you’d expect from any other pair of shoes. They added a nice little touch when I opened it to see each shoe individually wrapped in a sleeve.


These shoes look just as I was expecting and they feel surprisingly well made too.

Photo by Grace Creatives
Photo by Grace Creatives


I’ve been sporting these shoots for a month or two now, couple times a week and I can’t get enough. They’ve worn well in the sense that they don’t have any extreme marks where the shoe folds and they are comfortable for all day at the office. Once can argue that a more expensive shoe or custom insoles may be preferable for ensuring comfort and support, but I ave no problems chilling in these all day long.

Parting Thoughts

These are for sure shoes that I would recommend to someone looking for a basic pair of casual ‘dress’ shoes. Personally, I only really wear them during the work week, but they could also be a good go to for going out and/or bumming around on the weekend with the right outfits. Pick up a pair from Amazon today!