Anrri – Blue Light Glasses

I recently decided to follow the hype and grab a pair of blue light sunglasses. I’m pretty sure I picked these up off Amazon, but you should be able to find them at a lot of online retailers. After some significant research, I settle on the Anrri brand.

The glasses came in a pretty basic box, but they had a nice case along with a blue light testing card. The card is a fun little addition and we enjoyed putzing with and testing it. Inside the case were the glasses and a cloth (oh, and the blue light).

Using these glasses is obviously very simple, so I wont get in to it much. They do initially cause a headache, but I think that’s me being used to blue light more than anything else. After a while you get to used it and ultimately prefer it.

Photo by Grace Creatives

I like the styling and quality that these provide and would purchase them again!