SprezzaBox – The Hillcrest (June 2019)

June might be the best month yet for my SprezzaBox subscription! I realize I say this each month, but it continues to be true and SprezzaBox continues to produce awesome boxes that seem to be curated directly to me.

The card in this month’s box provided some excitement right out of the gate by joking about going over budget. My immediate question was what one item could cost extra? I was thrilled to see it was a watch!

I was even more impressed when I realized that on top of the watch, they still provided a sharp looking tie and a cool pair of socks! This socks were a different brand this month too, providing a bit more flare with anchors instead of just a pattern/color setup.

Alright, sorry, I got side tracked by the tie and socks. The real gem here is the watch. It’s a brand I haven’t heard of before (Elevon), but quick Google search brings up a lot of slick options. I really like this timepiece, it’s clean and simple and feels high quality.

Next up is a really sharp pocket square that I am going to have to start using in a lot of my go to suits. It looks like it will go really well with all kinds of shirts and suits!

And last, but not least, we have a tweezers. When I first started receiving these subscription boxes, I never guessed I would appreciate the grooming pieces (or even really get many of them), but I have to say that I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Tweezers aren’t meant to be exciting, but these are actually decent looking and feel quality.

Photo by Grace Creatives

I’m super pumped to bring you July’s box next month! Until then, I highly recommend you sign up for SprezzaBox!