Nest Hello -Video WiFi Doorbell

In our latest house I decided to start slowing getting in to the smart home world. Bit by bit, I’ve ordered some pieces of a smart home to start building what I think is an optimal solution. One of the first installs was Nest Hello. I got a great price on a package deal from Costco!

One of the first steps in my smart home process was picking the right pieces to fit together. Since I own a Pixel and use Google Assistant already, I decided that would be the best assistant to stick with. That made the Nest line of products a no brainer. I was able to pick up a Google Home Mini in the package deal anyway, do I had voice interaction out of the box!


The nest came in a sleek little box reminiscent of smartphones. Easy slide open and you get to see the product right away. Nothing over the top, just a good quality box that makes you excited to see the product.


Nest, now a division of Google, has a conjoined hardware team, but I’m pretty confident in saying they still design their own products to an extent. Anyway, this doorbell is pretty sleek. One of the reasons I picked Nest over Ring is because I think it’s visually more appealing and now that I’ve gotten my hands on a Nest I can confirm that it just looks better.


I was actually pretty worried about this install after reading a bunch of research and seeing that it may require significant electrical modification to your existing doorbell. We have a 91 year old home, so I thought this would be the case no matter what, but when we moved in I checked it out and the doorbell was already up to spec to handle the Nest! After I realized that and got my hands on the Nest, install was a breeze. Yes, I recommend you know what you are doing or contact a profession, but if you follow the instructions they walk you through it very well.

Using It

After living life without a video doorbell for so long, it becomes quickly apparent how entertaining one is. It takes some tweaks to get everything dialed in (zones, motion sensing, etc.), but once you know what you’re doing, this is a very effective tool. Getting notifications is fun and being able to communicate with folks from afar makes you realize just how convenient this sort of equipment is. In addition, it’s cool that the doorbell integrates so well with Google Assistant to notify when the doorbell is rung, etc.