SprezzaBox – The Chambers (May 2019)

Another month brings about another SprezzaBox subscription review box, and yet again they do not disappoint!

This box came with the staples (socks and tie) and several uncommon items that can really spruce up your style. Geared a bit more toward travel with this box, we don’t have anything over the top expensive/fancy, but each item was definitely well curated. The offered up even more coupons this time around too!

The socks and tie, while fairly simple/basic are great additions to my collection because they are still unique enough that I don’t have anything else like them.

For the grooming item in this month’s box they sent along some moisturizing cream. This type of product is always welcome because if you haven’t already learned, you should be protecting your skin!

For the travel items we received a passport holder/wallet and a luggage tag. I’m less pumped about the luggage tag, because that’s really not something I would every purchase/need, but it’s not bad. As for the passport holder, this is a cool item. It’s one of those things I’ve always considered, but never purchased for myself.

I hope you are enjoying these subscription review boxes. Here’s to looking forward to June’s box!