Purple – Purple Sheets

We recently hopped on the purple bandwagon and have been purchasing a few items. Next on the list is their sheets. Check out what I have to say about them below!We picked up these sheets along with some of their pillows and a mattress (review coming soon!), and I’ve been pretty impressed so far. The sheets came in a pretty nicely presented box and were packaged neatly in a small bag made of the same material.

The sheets are extremely soft, which is to be expected since they are made of Bamboo and Purple totes the ability stretch, etc. In fact, that’s the main selling point: that the sheets won’t be so tight on your mattress they ruin the feel/comfort. Honestly, I was never really worried too much about sheets in the past, but after sleeping on these, I can’t go back to cotton! The lack of stretch/elasticity in our cotton sheets does actually change the feel of our mattress and it creates a barrier between you and the mattress.

As far as general comfort goes, I would say these sheets sleep great. Not too hot and not too cold. They feel good because of how soft they are and clearly let you breath. At $99 I wouldn’t say these sheets are overpriced, but a lot of people aren’t going to want to spend that. If you are in that camp, I recommend waiting for a sale/deal on their site. They don’t always sell individual items at a discount (usually it’s buy a mattress get sheets for free), but they occasionally offer up sales.

Do you have a favorite/go to sheet brand? Tell me about it in the comments!