SprezzaBox – The Empire (April 2019)

Here we are with a fresh month of the SprezzaBox as I continue to review this subscription box service!

With each passing month I feel my interest and appreciation for the SprezzaBox continuing to rise. With April’s box we have The Empire, a box with a couple of unique items. Read on to check out what they are and see what I think of this iteration of the SprezzaBox!

Same as always upon opening the box. We’ve got a neatly packed container of goodies with a description card and some referrals on top. Couple of great staples were in this box: socks, a tie, and a pocket square. Then it got a bit unique!


It also came with lapel pin, some face lotion/sunscreen, and a pen!

While I may not use the pen much (I’m a super pen snob) or the lapel pin (has to be the right occasion to pull off), they are both really fun pieces in this box and were exciting to open. Overall, this box was a great edition in the subscription and SprezzaBox continues to show up with cool and exciting stuff every month!

Don’t forget to stop back for May’s box!