Purple- The Purple Plush Pillow

We recently picked up a few of the Plush Pillows from Purple when they were having a buy one get one sale. I’ve been following Purple for a while now, have several friends that appreciate their products and plan to check out their mattress soon. They base there products a bit more on science and a bit less on comfort, but it’s a similar approach to most mattress and pillow company’s– try our’s because it is excellent and send it back for free.

Check out my thoughts on this new style of pillow from purple below!


The pillows came in a pretty standard cardboard, box about the size of your average pillow. I was a bit surprised by this since purple (and other online mattress companies) ships their mattress’ in a much smaller sized footprint than the final product. Anyway, opening the box revealed some purple branded tissue paper and a very purple colored interior. The interior of the box provided excellent instructions and details on how to utilize the pillow.

How it works

As I alluded to above, this pillow has some specific instructions on how to use it. There are two zippers (one on each long end of the pillow). You can zip these up for more of a firm pillow or unzip them for a softer feel. I tested this a bit and while I wouldn’t say you see a significant difference when changing the zippers, it is noticeably firmer (or softer) when actually resting your head on the pillow.

First Impressions

After sleeping on this pillow for approximate a month now, I can confidently say that it is very comfortable. With the zippers zipped up (more firm) the pillow provides a nice amount of support and cushion. The best way I can describe it is that it is somewhere in between a standard fluffy pillow and a memory foam pillow. With this level of comfort and the ability to adjust the pillow firmness a little bit, I think this can be a great pillow for a lot of people! It’s a bit steep in price at $50 a pillow, but if you can find a sale/deal from purple, it’s worth the price tag of a nice memory foam pillow!

Stay tuned for my review of a purple mattress soon!