Blank Label – Shirt Review

Blank Label recently opened an office in Denver, CO, where I currently live, so I took the opportunity to go check out their space and get fitted for a complimentary dress shirt. You too can book an appointment with them through this referral link to get $100 off your first purchase! Check out the details of my experience and shirt below!

Denver Office

Their office is a cool little spot right in the LoDo (Lower Downtown) area. They have some seating, racks with different fabrics/materials to choose from and some fitting rooms to try on test shirts for measurements. Very cool space and they had some unique touches, such as whiskey from a local Distillery.

I hung out with the lead staff in the office for a bit and asked some questions about the business, etc. We then went over to the fitting area where I tried on a pre-made Blank Label shirt. We then worked to tweak the aspects of the shirt that didn’t fit me very well. Next, we worked through the features of the shirt that I was looking for (collar type, cuff type, pocket, etc.) and then moved on to picking a fabric. I went with one of their newer ‘iron-free’ shirts in a light/sky blue color.


The shirt came a few weeks later in a small plastic bag. Pulled it out to find a shirt sealed in a plastic wrapper with pins to keep it folded, much like you would find from purchasing a pre-packaged shirt from a brick and mortar. Nothing fancy, but no complaints here.

First Impression

The shirt looked good right out of the bag. I like the color and the shirt looks good despite that the iron-free material brings a bit more of a shine than a regular shirt. I was expecting this because I had the opportunity to touch and look at the fabric in the shop… a much-appreciated experience in today’s world where most of these types of companies are purely online and you can’t see or feel anything before it shows up at your door.

Wearing the Shirt

I was originally a little worried this shirt wasn’t going to be a great fit since the measuring process consisted of using a different shirt to gauge my measurements, but all of those fears were put to rest the moment I put the shirt on. It fits great, not to snug, but excellently crafted and fit to my body that it is very comfortable and looks slim.

The details on the cuffs, collar and elsewhere are well crafted and feel like they will hold up for a long time.

Final Thoughts

After wearing it a bunch, I like this shirt quite a bit. Between the fit, easy to match color and quality material I’m a fan. Blank Label’s dress shirts start at $95, which is a bit steep in comparison to a lot of their competitors, but they do make up for it a bit by offering a unique store experience and premium quality.