PUMA – Suede Classic Sneaker

Everyone needs a quality pair of casual sneakers (or three) to wear around. I recently picked up a pair of PUMA Suede Classic Sneakers for a fraction of the price (thank you ‘clearance’ Amazon!). Check out my thoughts on them below!


Since these came from Amazon, pretty standard prime shipping here. Just the basic Puma shoe box and sealed in a plastic bag. Tore the bag open and then the shoes were inside the box just like if you were to pick them up from a brick and mortar store.

First Impression

Upon first glance, these are definitely official Pumas, always a relief when ordering from Amazon because you could definitely be getting a knockoff. I imagine most people understand what a pair of Puma’s is to be constructed like, so there isn’t much else to say here.

Wearing them

I’ve always been a fan of your average Puma shoe and these Classics are no different. Good fit, comfortable sole and upper, easy to wear for extended time periods and significant walking. These basic grey suede sneakers go well with pretty much anything and everything so it makes it easy to throw them on at any time. I’ve been wearing these for several months now with zero complaints. They have held up well, clean off easily and keep the basic elements out (nothing special here, just good construction).

Final Opinion

For the price that I picked these up for (I think it was somewhere around $30), you can’t go wrong. Puma’s have been around for nearly one hundred years in some form or fashion, so you know they can make a good shoe and these are no exception. Good styling for a casual shoe and quality construction make these some of the easiest purchases around. I’ll definitely be picking up another pair when these run their course!