MTailor – Mobile App Review!

I’m excited to announce that I am currently in the process of reviewing MTailor. They are a made to measure clothing company that offers a very unique fitment concept: you take a video of yourself with your smartphone, place the order with the app and then get your new clothing! They do dress shirts (short and long-sleeved), jeans, suits and blazers. MTailor has been kind enough to provide me with a dress shirt for review, so I have gone through the measuring and ordering process. Check out my thoughts below!

Measurement Process

When I heard about MTailor’s mobile app and the process for measuring yourself, I was instantly intrigued. They say you can measure yourself with your smartphone and it is 20% more accurate than going to a tailor. That’s an interesting proposition and I was curious to see how you were able to use your smartphone (and a room with at least 10ft of space) to measure yourself.

Well, I went through the process and I can tell you, it is definitely unique. While other companies that utilize technology for measurements usually use some sort of object to tell your size (credit card, cd/dvd, etc.), MTailor takes a complete video of you without asking for any actual measurements. You can watch the videos by downloading their app, but essentially it walks you through how to complete the process, what clothing (or lack there of) that you should where, how to place your phone (On the floor against a wall, leveled using the app), how to stand, spin around and make sure you get an accurate video. The instructions are simple and you are completed in a matter of minutes. I have no insight in to how they calculate your measurements and everything, but I’m super curious to see how the shirt fits!

Placing the Order

After I completed the measurements process, I went shopping in the app. They make this part super simple.

  1. Select the product you are interested in.
  2. Choose the fabric
  3. Select a few options depending on the product (collar, cuffs, lapels, wrist watch, etc.)
  4. Then you checkout (provide address and form of payment

All in all, the process took a few minutes and now I am anxiously waiting for my new shirt! Check out the screenshots below for an idea of how I went through the app to place my order:

MTailor App

Final Thoughts

All in all, the measurement and order process took me a total of about 10 minutes and it was super intuitive and easy to use. Between the videos/guides of how to measure yourself and the simple shopping layout, I believe MTailor has made the measuring and ordering aspects of buying men’s dress clothes online easier than ever!

Come back in a couple of weeks to checkout what I think of the shirt that I ordered!! In the meantime, head over to MTailor and get your first shirt at $20 off with my referral link!