Indochino – Navy Printed Dot Shirt Review

Recently, I have been working with the PR Manager of Indochino and she was kind enough to send me a Fall Collection dress shirt! Below you will find my full review of the product!


My shirt from Indochino came in paper wrapping, but when opened was neatly packed in plastic with a box (containing a pocket square I had purchased) and an Indochino band and some paperwork. It looked great, presentation wise.



First Glance

Upon first look the shirt is clean, simple and full of promise. The material is soft and comfortable and the shirt overall is well constructed and contains all aspects I expected (clean stitches, smooth collar with removable stays and awesome contrasting fabric at the cuffs and collar).

Wearing the shirt

The shirt fits great in every aspect and it is extremely comfortable. Indochino will alter or remake your order if necessary, but my new shirt did not require this. Below you can check out my images of the shirt.

Photo by Josh P. Groth

Photo by Josh P. Groth

Photo by Josh P. Groth

Photo by Josh P. Groth

Final Thoughts

I love this shirt. The fit, the feel and the construction is all fantastic! Indochino is considered a bit more high-end (and expensive) than many other MTM online brands, but it is well worth it. This shirt is proof that a high quality product for a premium price can be exceptional and that is what Indochino provides.