Brooktide – Frosted Gray Sunglasses

Several months ago, I was contacted by the Founder of Brooktide and he was kind enough to offer me a pair of Brooktide sunglasses for review. After checking out his company I soon realized that this was a very impressive venture and decided to follow up and get a pair of sunglasses from Brooktide. Brooktide Sunglasses are a product of creative thinking to develop a simple, reasonably priced and durable pair of sunglasses. Check out my thoughts on the actual product below!


The sunglasses showed up in a small FedEx box, nothing special, but they were neatly wrapped in Brooktide Sunglasses Tissue Paper with a business card and a sticker. The business card had a friendly little message from the founder, huge Kudos for that- I love when people put in that extra effort! The sunglasses were in a nice little sleeve, which was another bonus!


First Inspection

At first glance, the Broooktide Sunglassess are a unique, yet simple and sharp design. They appear well made and functional. The design is sharp and the colors pop (even though I got a pretty plain option with Gray and mirror). They are really reasonable priced for the look and apparent quality.

Using the sunglasses

I have had these for a few weeks now and living in sunny Colorado has offered me many opportunities to don these sunglasses. They fit well and are very comfortable, but they don’t feel the sturdiest or toughest. This is understandable for the price point and materials they are made out of though. After a few weeks of wear I did begin to notice that one of the end-pieces was getting a bit loose. A quick tightening of the screw seemed to re-secure it and we were back in business.

Photo by Josh P. Groth

Photo by Josh P. Groth

Photo by Josh P. Groth

Photo by Josh P. Groth

Final Thoughts

Overall, for the price point and quality of the sunglasses, I would say that Brooktide sunglasses are a great option for the thrifty, yet stylish sunglass wearer. They are comfortable and relatively durable when considering the price.

Recommendation: I would recommend these sunglasses for anyone looking for a decent sunglass with a sharp design for a very reasonable price!