UnderFit Undershirts – KickStarter Announcement

If you haven’t already heard of UnderFit, you need to go check them out at www.underfitshirts.com. Now. No, seriously, go check them out… I’ll wait here.

Alright, now that you’re back, what’d you think? Crazy idea, right? Undershirts that are actually comfortable and functional… pretty spectacular. I have tried out a few of these shirts (Paul, the owner was kind enough to send some my way) and I am very impressed. They really are super soft and comfortable and I especially like them because they hug your body and they have a real deep neck so that you can’t see them when you are wearing a dress shirt.

Paul recently reached out to me to let me know that they are running a KickStarter program. This program is to raise funds in order to improve upon the current design. I won’t spoil all the fun details though. Head over to their KickStarter Campaign and check it out for yourself!