Il Gergo Palazzo – Shoe Review

A few months ago I got in touch with Il Gergo and they were kind enough to send me a pair of their shoes for review. Il Gergo is a small factory based in Italy and they have 50 years of experience. Not only do they have their own lines of shoes, but they also make shoes for other companies like Church and Jeffery West. This review will focus specifically on a pair of Il Gergo Palazzo’s.

The package

The shoes came in your usual shoe box wrapped in packaging. Upon opening the box I was very impressed with how the shoes were neatly placed in the box along with shoe bags and some tissue paper.

IMG_8248 IMG_8250

Initial Examination

The shoes looked great right out the box. The leather is of great quality and there were no blemishes or issues. The construction feels great and the shoes feel built to last. The stitching is all uniform, clean and symmetric.


Fit and Wearing the shoes

Upon initially trying the shoes on they fit well. They are very comfortable and not too tight in the toe box or the heal.  I don’t even know how to really describe the fit. because these are so unique in how they fit. The best description that I can come up with is that they are a loose-tight fit. Basically, they are loose enough that they don’t hug/squish any part of my foot, but tight enough that I feel like they fit snuggly.

I have now been wearing the shoes for a few months and they have broken in nicely and are wearing very well. I feel like the leather has stayed in excellent condition, despite some of the ‘iffy’ weather I have worn them in here in Colorado. The soles have held up nicely and seem like they will last a while based on their current wear.



All in all, Il Gergo shoes are a great option if you are looking for a quality leather shoe with Blake construction. The pair reviewed above retail at $360 and the level of quality in these shoes warrants the price. Some may state that Goodyear-welted shoes are a better option, and I wouldn’t necessarily disagree, but in this case, these Il Gergo shoes are a very high-quality Blake constructed shoe.

Recommendation: After checking out the construction of these shoes and wearing them around for a few months, I am happy to recommend Il Gergo shoes. They have a good variety of options available to find the shoe you know you’ll like. In addition, if you are looking for an even higher quality shoe (Handmade construction), you should check out Vittorio Spernanzoni. This is the handmade brand of Il Gergo’s and they look great.