Knot Standard – General Company Article & Exclusive Coupon

Knot Standard is an online menswear company, specializing in custom suits and shirts. They offer a wide variety of different products ranging from the custom suits, blazers and shirts to pocket squares, ties, scarves and more.

How Knot Standard Does Custom

Every company in the custom game has their own way of doing things, and Knot Standard is no different. You can find all the minute details on their ‘how we do custom’ page, but I will highlight the important aspects here. The points they make are the perfect fit, fabrics, customizations, hassle-free, and the guarantee.

The perfect fit starts by having the customer input their measurements and then Knot Standard’s system takes your measurements and turns them into a 3D model to create digital patterns and cut your custom clothing to fit.

Knot Standard offers 3 kinds of suits/fabrics. The Madison Suits are made of 100% wool Holland and Sherry fabric and they are half canvassed (full available upon request) and they come with functional buttons on the cuff. The Signature “K” Suits are 100% wool Scabal fabric and are fully canvassed with functional buttons on the cuff. The Classic Suits are 100% wool or cotton and are considered to be more of an everyday suit.

As far as customizations go, Knot Standard allows you to truly make the suit your very own. They offer all the modifications you would expect of custom suiting, ranging from embroidery and pick stitching to pleats and cuffs. Pretty much any change you want, they can complete it for you, no questions.

Knot Standard does all they can to make your suit purchase hassle-free. They provide free shipping and returns. Most importantly, if something is wrong with the fit they offer $75 for alterations or they will remake the suit to ensure it fits correctly and that you are satisfied. They also offer one more step in the guarantee department that no one else does… 1-Year Replacement. If any damage is done to your suit within the first year of ownership, Knot Standard will replace it for half the retail price.


Like many other bespoke (or made-to-measure) suit designers, Knot Standard offers the option to take your measurements or the measurements of an existing suit. Knot Standard offers a whole new level, though. They can take your measurements using your webcam! All you need is a webcam on your computer, some dark, snug fitting clothing and a cd or dvd. Check out the details here!

Made to Review Discount

Enough from me about how great Knot Standard is, head over and start your custom order! Knot Standard has been kind enough to provide me with a 15% OFF coupon code (MADETOREVIEW15) so go put it to good use! The code is good for the rest of 2014.