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Have you ever considered purchasing a made-to-measure shirt and/or suit from an e-commerce company? I am proud to say that InStitchu is a great option! Check out my previous shirt review and my suit review below for more details! InStitchu is an Australian based company offering tailor-made suits and shirts from the comfort of your home. You input the measurements, request the type of fabric and design features and then they do the rest for you.

First Try

Upon initially receiving my suit it did not fit quite right. Fortunately, InStitchu offers a guaranteed fit and they were happy to take my new recommendations and make me a whole new suit! When I received the new suit it also came with an additional white dress shirt in my size and a nice silver tie bar! I was unaware this items were going to come along with the suit so I was thrilled to see them when I opened the box.

Unboxing the Suit

The suit came in a very nice blue box with InStitchu’s label imprinted on it. The suit and other products were folded and packaged very neatly inside. Opening this package was a very pleasant experience as it really shows that InStitchu cares about how they present their product to the customer.



Construction and Quality

The suit that I received from InStitchu was exactly as I expected, with all the requested designs that I had submitted my order with. I ordered a 100% wool charcoal fabric and it feels and looks great. It is a very nice dark charcoal color, excellent for more formal events or an interview perhaps. All three pieces of the suit were well constructed. I was unable to find a flaw in the stitching or details.

The Fit

The first suit I received was good with the most important measurements, such as shoulders and sleeve length (these are functional button cuffs so it would have been hard to alter), but they just missed on a few measurements. The pants were quite a bit to short (enough that I couldn’t have them taken out to be the right length) and the chest in the vest and jacket were both a bit too large. I believe the measurement instructions were well done and that I followed them accurately, but upon going back and reviewing the videos I could see where I may have made a few mistakes on my measurements.

As mentioned above, InStitchu was happy to provide me a new suit with the modified measurements per my Tailor’s recommendation. This new suit is spot on. Everything looks and fits great and I couldn’t be happier with the product.


Closing Thoughts

Working with InStitchu has been excellent; the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about their products and they agreed to my every request. The products I have received have been nothing but quality items and even when the measurements didn’t work out they happily made me a new suit! Most of their suits fall in the mid $400s to $500s range, a reasonable price for a custom-made suit.

Endorsement: Price, quality, service, InStitchu has it all. Check them out if you haven’t already!

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  1. Thanks for the review the suit looks great. The shoulders look perfect and this is what I really look for when buying a suit. I’ve heard great things and I love what these guys are doing so think it’s time I take the plunge!

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