– Tie Review recently reached out to me and offered to send over a few ties for review. After checking out their site and company, I happily obliged and picked out two ties from their collection. offers many products, ranging from blazers and overcoats, to ties and pocket squares. The products are from great brands such as, Andrew’s Ties, Palenzo and Dandy Pocket (check out my previous review of some Dandy Pocket products here!). The ties that I received can be review below


The ties arrived rather promptly and they came in a standard USPS Priority Mail box. Inside the box were two slim tie boxes with Andrew’s Ties stickers on them. The ties were neatly folded inside plastic sleeves and wrapped in tissue. Very presentable way to show case your product to the customer.

Andrew's Ties

Andrew's Ties


Both ties looked great initially and upon further consideration, they were very well constructed. The fabric quality is excellent and they are sewn together flawlessly. I will note that the first of the two ties was expected to be more of a navy and ivory stripe, but it is more navy and silver. Fortunately, they informed me of this before sending it and it does actually look more silver in the photos on the site. They have also since changed it on the site to ensure a more accurate listing.



Final Thoughts

The Navy and Silver Pari Pari Silk Tie and Brown Nattarino Silk Tie are both listed at $49.95. Head over to if you are looking for some great ties with excellent designs!