Robert Owen – Undershirt Review

Robert Owen is a company that has been established this previous year (2013) and offers and an assortment of undershirts. They were kind enough to send me one for review and you can see my thoughts on it below.

As you may know, I have reviewed numerous other undershirts from companies such as UnderFit, Mr. Davis, and Sloane Men. All of these products are starting to have a lot in common and they are all superior to your average cotton undershirt. More specifically, these shirts are all made of a softer product, such as bamboo fabric, they tend to be more form-fitting and are designed longer to be tucked in easier. All of these aspects are great and it is fantastic to see that all of these companies are producing these products.

Now, to talk about Robert Owen. Like I said, they offer a shirt similar to many of these other companies, but they do have a few modifications that make this shirt uniquely its own. The big difference of a Robert Owen shirt is that they are designed with extra fabric along the side/underarm to ensure you don’t sweat through it and they also have pockets built-in for sweat pads if you desire.


IMG_8282The shirt came in a standard cardboard box and was neatly wrapped in tissue with a ribbon, wash card and a friendly note. It was also then sealed in a plastic bag.


The shirt was very soft and I instantly noticed the additional fabric along the side as it was a bit heavier than other undershirts of similar construction. This weight was not a concern though as the shirt is still pretty light and when wearing it you don’t even notice it.

The fit and feel of the shirt is certainly the most important aspect. I have worn the shirt numerous times and it fits well, snug but not too tight, and the fabric is still unbelievably soft and smooth! You can feel that the sides are a bit thicker, but it does not have a negative effect on wearing the shirt and it hardly makes it any larger.

If you are looking for a great undershirt to stop the sweat stains on your dress shirt and are looking for multiple color options, look no further. Robert Owen Luxury Undershirts fit the bill for a great quality, fitted undershirt and they have the added bonuses mentioned above.

They do come in at a bit higher price of £28.00, but the quality is superb. Check them out if you are still using cotton undershirts, you wont regret it!