Suitopia Three-Piece – Suit Review

I have been in touch with Aleksander Lund, CEO of Suitopia, to conduct a full review of a suit from them. Suitopia recently released a new suit designer and they offer approximately 175 fabrics online. You can customize your product in many ways, to get exactly what you are looking for. This process has been a great experience and I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts below!

Designing my suit

The designing process on Suitopia is very slick, it lets you choose what you want to design (suit, tuxedo, dress coat, etc.) and then allows you to customize each individual piece of the product. You pick your fabric and then modify each piece to exactly what you want. A few customizations that I would have liked weren’t listed on the page, so I requested some modifications and Suitopia was happy to oblige me! As you can check out below, I selected a light grey fabric for my three-piece suit that included a jacket with peak lapels and 2-buttons, slim-fit pants and a 6-button waistcoat.


The product showed up in less than two weeks. The packaging was an average FedEx box, but inside was a very nice suit bag containing the suit. The product looked great, neatly folded in the bag.


Quality & Construction

Upon full inspection of the products the jacket and pants were exactly as I requested, but the waistcoat was a double-breasted version and it had the lining on the inside as well as the back. I had requested a 6-button waistcoat and not specified single or double in the message so this was partially my fault. I had not specified how the back of the waistcoat should look so that means the default from Suitopia is that the lining is on the back as well. Upon seeing this I would have preferred that the back be the same fabric as the suit. Fortunately, I let Aleksander know and he was happy to provide me with a new waistcoat.

Once I had all three pieces of the suit I tried it all on and it fit great (more on that later). I took the suit in to my tailor to get his opinion and he agreed with me. We also discussed the quality of the suit and for the price we both felt that the fabric, construction and fine details of the suit were all well done. It is certainly not the best suit my tailor has ever seen, but for the price range it is well above what would be expected.


The Fit

As you know, the opinion here at Made to Review, is that Fit is key to any garment. If it doesn’t fit, you might as well not even wear it. Suitopia nailed every aspect of fit for this suit. The pants are nice and slim in the leg and the waist fits snugly, but not to tight. The waistcoat is just the right length and it is not baggy around the waist or chest. The jacket is nice and slim, without being constricting and the armholes are correctly done so that the suit sits on my shoulders correctly no matter what I am doing with my arms.



Final Thoughts

As a company, Suitopia has a lot of great things to offer. There service is very friendly, they are clear about the products they provide, and the quality exceeds the cost you pay. With all of this in mind I am pleased to say that I am very happy with the service and product that I have received from Suitopia.

Endorsement: Based on the quality of the products, the service and the price range I am very impressed with Suitopia. If you are looking for an excellent fitting suit that is also built with quality materials, Suitopia is a great option!

2 thoughts on “Suitopia Three-Piece – Suit Review

  1. Two things, both regarding the waistcoat.

    That is most certainly a single-breasted waistcoat, not a double-breasted. And I am afraid it is not at all the right length, as your belt is plainly visible below it. A correctly fitted waistcoat should cover the waistband of the trousers, so that the trousers and waistcoat “meld seamlessly together”, if you understand what I mean.

    Apart from that, I agree with you: It does look good. Having ordered quite a few pieces of clothing from Suitopia during the years, I am not surprised.

    1. Clamarnicale,

      Thanks for your comment on my post!

      I completely agree that the waistcoat pictured is single-breasted. Maybe I did not explain it well enough in my original post, but what had happened was that they thought I wanted a double-breasted waistcoat so that is what they made (3-buttons on each side), when really I wanted a single-breasted waistcoat (6-buttons straight down). When I received the original double-breasted waistcoat I informed them and the made me a new one that was single-breasted (as pictured).

      On the other note you made, I respectfully disagree. A waistcoat should be long enough to hide your shirt in the front and it should extend beyond the top of your trousers. This does not mean that it has to completely hide your belt. In fact, with the type of belt I am wearing in this shoot, I would advise against having a longer waistcoat. My reasoning for this is due to the bulkiness of the belt the waistcoat would look odd covering it.

      Thanks again for your thoughts!

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