Pediwear Paradis – Shoe Review

pediwear menswear

Pediwear was kind enough to send over a pair of shoes from their Paragon Collection for a review here at Made to Review. Pediwear is a UK based menswear company that offers their own lines of shoes as well as other companies, such as Loake and Trickers. In addition to the footwear, they also offer many other accessories, such as gloves, cufflinks and hats. Their Paragon collection is a set of handmade, goodyear welted shoes. Check out my thoughts on the pair they sent me.

The packaging

The Pediwear Paradis shoes came in a nice green shoe box and inside was the pair of shoes, a handwritten note, cloth shoe bags, and some green tissue paper. The product was clearly presented very well and I was happy to see that Pediwear shows some care in the presentation of their product.



As mentioned above, these shoes are handmade and the quality of them speaks for themselves. They are clearly a high quality leather and the last is an excellent shape, it is slim, but with a nice round toe. The details on the shoe may not be flawless, but they still look stunning and for handmade that is exactly what I am looking for.




The fit of these is superb. I selected my usual size for dress shoes and they fit like a glove. They are a little slim compared to some other shoes I have worn, but they are not so thin that they squish your foot. The Paradis is made on LAST 27, a very elegant, slim and smooth last. The break-in period was average and now that I have worn them for a few weeks they feel great all day.



Final Thoughts

The Pediwear Paradis is a sharp-looking shoe, I have received nothing but compliments on them and they are of quality construction. Pediwear showcases their shoes in nice packaging to show that they truly care about the product and they want the customer to know that.

Endorsement: When it is all said and done, the price of these shoes come out to be just shy of $300, an excellent price for handmade goodyear welted shoes! I am confident in saying that anyone would be satisfied with a pair of Pediwear shoes from their Paragon Collection.