Mizzen+Main – Shirt Review


I have been in touch with the Co-Founder and CEO of Mizzen+Main, Kevin Lavelle and it has been great to work with him on setting up a review. Mizzen+Main is a fashion company based out of Dallas, Texas and Columbus, Ohio. They offer moisture wicking dress shirts. Check out Mizzen+Main’s fascinating story and purpose for more information about Mizzen+Main. These shirts are a very unique concept and many people have either never heard of it or think it is too weird to work. Well, I have received a green gingham shirt from Mizzen+Main and will be giving you my thoughts.


The shirt that I received came in a nice blue & white box with the Mizzen+Main logo all over it. Inside the shirt was neatly folded, sealed in plastic and wrapped in blue & white tissue paper. I appreciate the care and thought that clearly went into the presentation of the product as that proves that they truly care about the products they are selling.



The Shirt

Essentially this shirt is constructed like a dress shirt, but it is made out of the type of material you would expect of an athletic shirt. This makes the shirt very stretchy and wrinkle free. These aspects are great, but it does still look a little different from your standard dress shirt. The feeling of the fabric is certainly very different to the touch and it also feels different when you are wearing it. It tends to feel a bit heavier than your average dress shirt, but it does breathe better.

The Fit

Mizzen+Main offers shirts in 5 standard sizes (S, M, L, XL, and XXL). Since the material of the shirt stretches so easily the fit does not have to be exact. None the less, I am extremely picky about the fit of shirts and I find that the Medium shirt option fits me best. As you can see below, the shirt fits me well, but it is by no means as fitted as a made-to-measure shirt.


Final Thoughts

Mizzen+Main offers a very unique product as an alternative to the regular dress shirt. The shirt looks and feels excellent and is offered in multiple sizes. The fit may not be perfect, but the shirts are still excellent quality. The athletic style material is definitely different, but the benefits it provides are great.

Endorsement: The shirt is well constructed and the material is very comfortable to wear. All in all I would consider the Mizzen+Main dress shirts a great alternative to regular dress shirts. That being said, the shirts are all over $100 and that seems a bit pricey to me for a shirt that isn’t a perfect fit. I do understand though, that the type of fabric used is probably quite a bit more pricey so it makes sense. If you are looking for something to get rid of those pit stains and wrinkles, check them out!