Herring Shoes – Shoe Review

Herring Shoes

A while back I got in touch with Herring Shoes and was offered a pair of Herring Ferndown shoes, part of the Herring Classic Collection. All of the shoes in this line are goodyear welted and they range in price from £165 to £225.


The shoes were delivered in a standard brown cardboard box. Inside the cardboard box was a very nice blue shoebox that stated the brand and type of shoes. Inside the shoebox was the shoes (inside cloth bags), a shoe horn, a shoe polishing cloth, and a tin of wax to match the shoes. In my opinion, this is an awesome way to present your product. It shows that you truly care for it and want to present it well. Excellent work, Herring Shoes!








As mentioned above these shoes are goodyear welted. They are a wholecut shoe, which means the entire upper of the shoe is made out of one piece of leather. The upper also has some punch detail in it. The leather feels great and the tan calf color really pops. The welting also looks flawless and so far the shoe has stood up well to general use.


The last that these come on is the 195 Last, a nice slim and long design in my opinion. I ordered a 9.5 US shoe size as that is what most dress shoes fit me in and this pair is no exception. The shoes fit great, they are snug, but not to tight and the break in process was minimal. Due to the long design that I mentioned above, the toe box does have some extra space in it, but going down a size would have caused the shoes to be to small in every other aspect.



Final Thoughts

As every well dressed man knows, a ready-to-wear shoe that fits well, at a reasonable price, is hard to come by. I believe that Herring has done an excellent job of creating many categories and styles of great men’s shoes and they offer them all at reasonable prices for what you are receiving.

Endorsement: Without question I can happily recommend these Herring Ferndown shoes. They are of excellent quality for the price of £175.00 (just under $300USD) and so far they have held up great to wear and tear. In addition, I was thrilled with the way the product was presented (quality box, polish, cloth, etc.) and feel that Herring Shoes really knows what they are doing!