ShaveMOB The Caveman – Grooming Review


Recently I was contacted by staff at ShaveMOB and offered the opportunity to review a two month supply of their men’s blades. ShaveMOB is based out of Denver, CO where I am also located. It’s always great to get to know local businesses! They sent me a four-pack of their Caveman (6 blade razor) with trimmer and a handle. Below you will find my thoughts on how sharp these blades are and how clean of a shave they offer!


My ShaveMOB products showed up via USPS in a small, cylindrical, recyclable package. Inside was the handle, blades, some referral cards and packing peanuts. Simple, unique, and still enjoyable to open– that’s how I would classify the packaging experience.




A thing of beauty

There have been a lot of online shaving companies popping up around the internet offering a better option to purchase blades at a more reasonable price. ShaveMOB is one of these companies and that is exactly what they offer. More importantly though, these online shave companies are out doing the in-store razors by price and looks. I’m not one to dream of having a nicer, prettier razor… but when it comes down to it I’m not going to deny one. ShaveMOB has managed to make a very sharp-looking handle along with quality blades that truly work. The first time I shaved with these blades I had waited approximately a week to let my facial hair grow out a bit. The shave was smooth and clean and it was very easy to shave with this razor. I didn’t get any razor bumps or burning afterwards either. I shaved a second time the next day with the razor and had the same results.


Overall, I like the way this razor looks, the way it shaves, and how smooth of a shave it offers. These blades specifically, come in as low as $3.33 per month. That’s just under $2 a blade… which is eons cheaper than purchasing a package of Gillette or Schick blades. For the sheer price alone these blades are worth it!