Milk Shirts – Shirt Review

Milk Shirts

As you may know, I have recently been in touch with Milk Shirts to review some of their white dress shirts that they provide. You can read my initial review of their site here. Since then I have received the three shirts that I talk about in that article and below you will find my entire review on the shirts.


Inside a cardboard box came two very nice, white milk shirts boxes. As you can see in the picture these boxes slid open from the bottom, revealing the neatly folded products inside with tissue paper and a small note. The boxes were well constructed and absolutely beautiful. I find this type of presentation to be perfect for custom-made dress shirts… especially white ones such as these. Enough drooling over the boxes though, lets check out these shirts!



All three shirts were individually wrapped in tissue and they had some wrinkles to iron out, but that is to be expected when you get a shirt shipped to you.


All three shirts are made of very high quality cotton and they each have their own unique accents, displayed below. The shirts all feel great and the white color is very crisp. The construction of all three shirts is flawless, from the cuffs all the way to the collar and down the placket. Something to note, I gave the same measurements for all three shirts and they all fit great, but they are different lengths. The Formal shirt is longest, then the Work shirt and the Play shirt is the shortest. I believe this is on purpose as the less casual shirts you may want to wear un-tucked at times, I know I will be doing just that!

Work – #18 New York

First up, the work shirt. This shirt is very sharp-looking with the blue contrasting fabric under the placket and cuffs. It makes for a great white shirt, but with it unbuttoned and/or the sleeves rolled up it really adds some personality. The cuffs are 45 degree angles with double buttons.






Formal – #5 Paris

The Formal shirt, equipped with french cuffs and an excellent collar. This shirt is absolutely immaculate and it is perfect for that formal event where you have to wear a suit or tuxedo.






Play – #79 Las Vegas

Last, but certainly not least, the Play shirt. This shirt is very unique as it has a vintage fabric on the back of the placket to provide a contrast look. It’s collar points are much shorter than the formal or work choices and the cuffs are a bit more casual with a rounded edge.






Final Remarks

Milk Shirts is a great company and they are producing exactly what they say… high quality white dress shirts. There exact words are, “We create custom white dress shirts for men who value style, comfort and above all, exceptional craftsmanship.” I don’t disagree with that statement at all and I am sure that if you purchase Milk Shirts you will whole-heartedly agree. There shirts are a bit pricey compared to other options, but the quality is unmatched by any other shirt I have worn. They range from $165 to $245.

Endorsement: I highly recommend checking out Milk Shirts if you are in the market for a quality white dress shirt… and who isn’t? If you want something that is going to last and look great, Milk Shirts has what you need. As mentioned above, their shirts are certainly not inexpensive, but I believe they are well worth the cost. As the saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’. So, pony up the extra dollars and I am certain you wont be disappointed!