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As you may remember, I did a site review of Lewis & Taylor Shirt Makers a while back. I received the shirt in a timely manner, back in July. After some minor issues (detailed below), I was finally able to wear and review the shirt. I am pleased to report that I am happy with the shirt and impressed with Lewis & Taylor’s customer service. My full review is after the break!


The product wasn’t packaged in anything fancy, but props to Lewis & Taylor for using recycled products! The shirt was neatly folded and looked great right out of the box.





The Construction

The fabric is Thomas Mason and it feels and looks great. The buttons are mother of pearl and they are quality. Upon inspecting the shirt the cuffs and collar are both constructed well. Unfortunately the collar stays are plastic and sewn in, but that is just something I don’t like as a personal preference. The placket is also very well constructed. While looking over everything I did notice that one of the buttons on the cuff had thread that was starting to unravel. I tugged a bit on the thread and the entire thing unraveled and the button came off. I then spotted a few other buttons with the same issue along the placket. I promptly notified the rep that I had been working with at Lewis & Taylor and they offered to have me send the shirt back, postage paid, and they would repair it. Most of the buttons were fine and this looked like it was just a fluke of the machinery that had sewn the buttons on. I was happy to see that Lewis & Taylor was willing to repair the shirt for me, but it was easier to just sew the buttons back on myself. I completed this process without any hitches. I understand that many people may not be interested in doing this themselves, which is why it is great that Lewis & Taylor offered to take the shirt back and fix the problem, free of charge.





The Fit

The shirt fits me very well. It is plenty long to tuck in, but still not to long that I wouldn’t be able to wear it untucked. The shoulders, chest and waist area are the perfect size, not to snug, but not loose either. The sleeves are a hair shorter than some of my other shirts, but they are still long enough. Overall, the fit is excellent and I am very impressed by the measurement process that Lewis & Taylor uses… it is simple and effective.



Final Opinion

Other than the situation with the buttons, my experience with Lewis & Taylor was nothing short of excellent. Their customer service is very friendly and the order process is simple. On top of that you get a quality shirt from them.

Endorsement: While I did experience some initial troubles with the shirt buttons I am happy to say that I would recommend a Lewis & Taylor shirt to anyone interested in quality fabric. Their shirts range in cost from $34 all the way up to $160, but the idea here is that you have a wide range of different fabric options to choose from.

2 thoughts on “Lewis & Taylor – Shirt Review

  1. My husband wants to get a shirt with Thomas Mason fabric. I wonder if it is worth the extra expense. Is it?

    1. Carolyn,

      Thank you for your comment on my article! My first question would be to ask why your husband is interested in Thomas Mason fabric? You certainly can’t go wrong with a Thomas Mason fabric, but keep in mind that they produce many different fabrics of varying quality. That in mind, there are many other fabrics out there that are much lower in price. I do not know your husband or how he currently dresses, so I can not say specifically, but the fit and type of fabric is much more important and the fabric maker.

      Hope that helps!


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