Gagliardi – Tie & Cufflinks Review


I have recently been in touch with an E-commerce Executive of Gagliardi who was kind enough to send me a Gagliardi tie and set of cufflinks. Here is my full review of the two great products.

Tie & Cufflinks

The Tie

First up, the tie. The background color of the tie is a medium to light blue with silver and white diagonal stripes. The colors compliment each other great and overall the design looks very sharp. It is 60% silk and 40% cotton and the construction is excellent. The tie is symmetrical and has a 2.5″ width. The fabric composition offers the tie a more elastic feel, which in turn makes the knot a bit smaller and cleaner looking when tied.

Gagliardi Tie

Gagliardi Tie 2

The Cufflinks

Last, but certainly not least in this review, the cufflinks. Before I received these products from Gagliardi I took a look at all the cufflinks that they have to offer. I was very impressed with all the options and honestly couldn’t pick just one that I would have selected. Fortunately, Gagliardi selected a set for me… and they did an excellent job! These purple suede cufflinks are awesome and I hope to get tons of use out of them! They are a classic circular cufflink with a nice addition of purple inserts, which makes them very unique. Aside from them looking great the cufflinks feel very solid and well constructed.

Gagliardi Cufflinks

Gagliardi Cufflinks 2


Both the tie and cufflinks are well constructed and Gagliardi is a very respectable brand. They offer many products including blazers, shirts, shoes and many more.

Endorsement: If you haven’t already checked out Gagliardi, I highly recommend you do. All of their products look awesome and I can personally vouch for their ties and cufflinks. There are so many choices of products that I am certain you can find items that fit your personal style!