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A few weeks back I worked with Tailor Store to start a review of a bunch of their products (initial article). Well, all the items arrived about a week ago, which was very quick, and everything looks awesome.

The Shirt

The shirt is a dark blue fabric and all the customizations that I requested are done correctly, the fit is spot-on and the fabric feels great. It is a 100% cotton poplin shirt and the construction is on par with any other MTM company. The stitching looks great and feels quality as well as the contrasting fabric and collar stays. In addition, the shirt came with an extra set of collar stays, which is awesome! The one thing about the shirt is that the color is a bit different from on their site. The site displays the dark blue as a very deep blue, where as the shirt is actually closer to a royal blue.

The Chinos

These are the first pair of custom-made chinos I have received and they are of great quality. Just like the shirt, the construction and customizations are excellent. I would say that as far as color goes, these are almost an exact match to what is displayed on the site. The fit is nice and slim and they fit really well in the waste, I did get these made a bit shorter than many of my other pants, just to see what I think of it and I actually like the way they turned out. It is going to take some getting used to, but I am prepared to show off a little ankle!


So, for accessories, I received a set of metal knot cufflinks, an orange and blue diagonal striped tie, a pocket square in the same fabric as the shirt, some blue socks, a sharp blue suede belt, a light creme belt that came with the chinos, and a tie-stay in the shirt fabric. All the accessories look good and are made of quality materials.


Enough of me telling you about the products though, let me show you them!

Tailor Store-Tie-Stay

Tailor Store-Full

Tailor Store-Cufflink

Tailor Store-Belt

Tailor Store-Casual

Tailor Store-Casual2

2 thoughts on “Tailor Store – Product Review

  1. Very helpful article! I’m about to place my first order with Tailor Store.
    When designing your items did you use body measurements or measurements from a favorite shirt?
    I’m trying to decide whats best.

    1. Geoff,

      Thanks for the kind words! I used body measurements for my shirt from Tailor Store and it worked out to my liking. That being said, if you have a shirt that fits you perfectly and you know you want this shirt to be identical, I would say that you should go that route to ensure you get the same fit.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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