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Hello All,

I just wanted to bring all my readers in the loop– let you know what is going on at the site and what new articles you will be seeing in the future.

Current Site

So far, since I started the site up at the start of 2013, everything has been going great. I have worked with some great companies and provided reviews of many products!

Future Changes

For those of you who like the site the way it is, don’t worry, I’m not actually changing the structure, design, or current articles. I will still be posting many reviews of menswear products. Here is just a list of some additions I hope to make in the coming weeks.

  • Weekly Gadget Article – I’m planning to post a review or news article about a different menswear gadget each Monday. Gadgets at this point could be anything from necklaces and watches all the way to a belt or other accessory.
  • Weekly Health/Fitness Article – This article will be a review of a fitness/exercise product, a workout tip for the week, or maybe even just a great healthy smoothie/juice recipe. Temporary Name – ‘Workout Wednesday’
  • Weekly Beverage/Cocktail Article – This article will feature a specific beverage for the week in the form of a review, suggestion, or news post.

Thanks for taking the time to read my site and I look forward to posting many more articles for you!


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