Dapper Classics – Sock Review

Dapper Classics

Recently, Dapper Classics has been generous enough to send me some of their socks for review. I am happy to announce that the socks have arrived and they look great. Below you will find my full review of the socks and any details you should need to know about them.

Who is Dapper Classics?

Dapper Classics is a company, founded by a father and son, that is all about making dress socks for men. The socks are over-the-calf length and offered in many different styles, from ribbed solids to herringbone patterns. Not only are there socks of great quality, they are also Made in the USA (specifically North Carolina).

Ordering from Dapper Classics

Shopping at Dapper Classics is a treat in itself. You wouldn’t believe the number of sock colors and patterns they offer. Fortunately, you can narrow the selection by style to find just what you’re looking for.

My thoughts on their socks

I was lucky enough to receive four different pairs of Dapper Classic socks for this review.

The socks came in a standard cardboard box, wrapped in sets of two pairs with tissue paper and dc stickers. Along with the socks was a small thank you card and a booklet of socks with QR codes. The idea behind the QR codes is that you can scan them with your phone or tablet and instantly buy the pair you like. Sounds super convenient and makes perfect sense in this technologically advanced world that we live in!


Made out of either merino wool or mercerized cotton (each with Nylon and Spandex), the socks are all soft to the touch and feel great. All the socks breathe great, but still feel very high quality… a combination that is hard to find in a pair of socks.

Note: Additional pictures of me wearing the socks will be posted soon.

Endorsement: I highly recommend Dapper Classics for their socks. They offer a huge selection of many unique and standard socks and the price can’t be beat. I would classify myself as a bit of a sock snob in the sense that I can’t wear a lot of those scratchy feeling socks you can purchase from any old department store– they are so uncomfortable! Dapper Classics offer a great Over-the-Calf sock at a price of $20-$25. And, not only are they a soft, comfortable fabric, but they also breathe so well you will forget you’re wearing them! If you haven’t ordered some already head over to Dapper Classics and get your sock on!