iTailor – Suit Review

iTailor Suit Review

A few weeks back I received and reviewed my first iTailor product; a custom tailored dress shirt. You can read that review here, but today I want to showcase my next iTailor product review; a custom tailored suit. Shortly after completing my shirt review with iTailor they offered me the opportunity to review one of their suits. I graciously accepted and started the design process on their website, which was extremely similar to their shirt designer, except it was a full jacket and pants. Well, I am happy to say that after a short time, my suit has arrived and you can read my full opinion on it below!


The pants and jacket came separately (about a week apart), just as iTailor notifies you of with your order confirmation. I got the pants first and they were in a standard UPS envelope wrapped in clear plastic inside were just the pants and a 30% off coupon for iTailor shoes (new product offered by them). The Jacket came in an envelope as well, along with a little cardboard iTailor logo and a suit bag.



Customer Service Note: When I first placed my order I thought I had selected Peak Lapels, but at some point in the order process I must have went back and accidentally chosen notch lapels instead. I explained the situation to iTailor and they were happy to oblige me and provide a remade jacket with peak lapels! Now that I knew the sleeve length was accurate they even complied with my request to add working buttonholes on the new jacket. A+ for customer service, iTailor!

Build of the suit

The suit that I chose is a pinstriped DB and it is made of a fabric coined ‘wool rich’, which is believed to be a 51% wool, 49% poly mixture. It looks great and the construction appears well done. All the stitching and details are great and the final product feels nice and durable, yet very comfortable.

iTailor Suit 1

iTailor Suit 2

iTailor Suit 3

iTailor Suit 4

Time to suit up

Well, as you all know, the most important aspect of a suit is that it fits you well. So, without further hesitation, I tried on my new iTailor suit! The fit is great. It is very snug, but still comfortable. There is no question that it is a custom tailored suit.

Disclaimer: The pictures below are currently of the initial jacket with notch lapels. The final product has peak lapels and I wil post pictures of that as soon as possible.

iTailor Suit 5

iTailor Suit 6

iTailor Suit 7

iTailor Suit 8

My opinion of my iTailor suit

Overall, I am very satisfied with my iTailor suit. The fit is great and the product is shown to have great craftsman ship. The custom details that iTailor offers really make their products one of a kind and that is always an awesome factor! I was originally concerned with what the fabric might be like, but after receiving my product it is an excellent wool composition and it looks just like what I was hoping for.

Endorsement: With the excellent customer service and great prices I don’t think you can go wrong with their products. If you have not tried iTailor I recommend you do so. They offer signature products at a slight discount so you can start out with a standard sky blue shirt and navy suit for a great price!

8 thoughts on “iTailor – Suit Review

  1. FWIW – if you ask them to, they’ll make the lapel buttonhole a functional one as well, so you can wear a real flower and not put pinholes in your lapels. My best man had his suit done there (4 button, no chest pocket, working boutonniere hole):

    Good looking suit.

    On the topic of shirts – they’re the only place I’ve found that offers an extra chest pocket for sunglasses, which is nice, but the fabric I chose was so thick and heavy that the pocket ended up being too visible (and too hot to wear in the summer).

  2. Actually really beautiful suit. Belt loops are a little fashion forward for my taste and the boutonnière not functioning is awkward. However, the pinstripe is great and the fit is surprising. Still undetermined: why the hell anyone would want a 4 button suit without a pocket (is the best man in the poster above’s wedding a clown or a half brain-dead NFL commentator?) and is the material of this suit poly/wool or something actually enjoyable to wear.

    1. Mack – Because he bloody well wanted it that way. I’m so *terribly* sorry if his choice of outfit offended your sensibilities.

      The material is a poly/wool blend. One place says 50/50, one place says 40/60, who knows? But it’s definitely not a 97% + wool.

      As for their shirts, I’ve 3 of them now, and a 4th is sitting on my front porch. I tweaked the measurements a touch after the first one. But I chose “regular fit” rather than the default “super slim fit” — perhaps that’s the root of ShirtShopper’s issue. I probably wouldn’t have bought another one if they hadn’t put a few on sale for the summer. I prefer my Modern Tailor and Elite Suits shirts. But the iTailor shirts seem to be very sturdy and pretty good workmanship. I wish they had an option for metal collar stay pockets though – the one I got that had a standard collar doesn’t inspire great confidence in me – I think the internal stay warped a bit in the dryer last time I washed it and will need some ironing or a trip to the tailor. Everything I’ve gotten from them so far has been a fairly heavy weight fabric, too — they’re a bit warm on 90+ days, but will hopefully be nice in the winter.

  3. I recently ordered 3 shirts and a pair of pants.

    The shirts were a bit small in the fit and the pants were a disaster – can’t even wear them. I measured everything the way they said to be measured and they seem to have made it even smaller than the sizes I gave them – I assume they should know that when measuring they need to know how much extra room to leave for comfort – and I do like a slim fit, but these were terrible.

  4. I have ordered several times from them and while I can not always say the fit was perfect (wrong twice) there customer service was spectacular. As soon as I reached out they asked me to provide pictures of the garments with a tape measure to show the actual measurements. Both times they were quick to take responsibly, remake the garments and ship them to me at their cost.

    Absolutely fantastic customer service.

  5. Hey Shane,

    Nice suit. Just wondering if you went with the European slim fit, or the regular fit.
    I’m in pretty good shape so when buying a suit or shirt I normally get whatever is the most fitted of the rack. That being said, I don’t want to have a suit that is so constrictive that I can’t move. Your suit seems to fit pretty well, so I was wondering what fit you went for.
    Thanks for all the good info, awesome review.

    1. Hey Darren,

      Thanks for checking out my article and posting your comments! To answer your question, I went with the slim fit option. I would say this fit is a bit more constricting then classic/regular, but you get used to it and I wouldn’t say it is so constrictive that you can’t move around. It really is just personal preference, but I would say that slim fit looks better because it conforms to your body better as well. Good luck with your order and let me know how it turns out!


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