Monte Carlo Tailors – Suit & Shirt Review

monte carlo tailors suit & shirt

As you may already know, I recently worked with Monte Carlo Tailors to review a suit and shirt (initial article). Well, the suit and shirt have both been delivered and the story and review are below!

Unwrapping the initial product

I received the initial suit and shirt around May 7th. A mere two weeks after placing my order. The product came in a DHL bag and was wrapped in a plastic bag inside of that. Along with the suit coat, pants and shirt I also received a nice hanging bag for the suit. This was a nice touch as I was not expecting it. I took everything out of the bag and hung it all up to let any creases fall out. After about a day the major folds were gone and I tried the product on. The pants fit great, but were a little long for my taste and the shirt was spot on. Unfortunately, the jacket was a bit baggy in the body (both chest and waist) and the sleeves were much to long. Due to the functional buttonholes adjusting the sleeves was impossible. I worked with closely with Raja, the staff that assisted me with the order, and he happily obliged me in making a brand new jacket with more accurate measurements. In the meantime, I had the pants shortened a bit to have a more european break at my local tailor.


The shirt that I got is a light blue color and it is a very thin fabric. Due to the thin nature of the shirt, it is not super soft, but it is a great shirt for a hot day. It is put together well and the cuffs and collar are decently stiff (personally, I prefer this over a soft/flimsy collar).



The pants are nicely constructed with quality stitching and fabric as well as the jacket. I discussed the construction of the suit with my tailor and we agreed that although it isn’t the highest quality suit ever, it is constructed well (middle of the line) and with decent fabric and lining.



The Fit

Once I got the new jacket and had the pants hemmed a bit the fit was real good. It is very form-fitting, but still comfortable to wear without feeling constricted.









Impression of the Products

Monte Carlo Tailors customer service has been phenomenal through this whole process and I can not say enough good things about them. For suits starting at $350 they seem to be constructed very well and I have no doubts that the product will hold up over time. The shirt is constructed well, but I am not a huge fan of the lightweight fabric just because it wrinkles easier and requires more effort to keep looking nice. It is however, great for in the heat.

Endorsement: I am very satisfied overall with Monte Carlo Tailors and I would recommend them to anyone interested in trying out the online MTM suit and shirt scene. They have a decent number of fabric options and the design features are plentiful so you can select exactly what you want.