Natty Shirts: Tiniest Brown Blue – Shirt Review

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Recently, I received my shirt for review from Natty Shirts. The timing was spot on, it shipped in 7 business days and arrived within the 3-5 day shipping window.

The shirt was packaged in your average DHL bag and inside was wrapped with clear plastic. The shirt was folded on a sheet of cardboard and pinned down pretty extensively.

I would consider Natty Shirts site and order process to be very simplistic (which is a good thing) and their packaging process for the shirts is on the same level. No extra card or wrapping in the box, just what was needed: the shirt.


Examination of the Shirt

The fabric is just as it was depicted online and as they noted, it is a bit softer to the touch. Upon inspection of the details the shirt looks fairly well made. The collar is a good stiffness and it has removable collar stays, which is always a bonus! The cuffs are also constructed well and the mitered corner with one button looks good on this style of fabric; it makes the shirt great for both casual wear and business wear. I went with no placket (sport front) and a square pocket. The reasoning behind a square pocket was that it would blend in well to the checkered fabric; this worked out really well.



Putting my Natty Shirt on

To test out the fit, the next step was certainly to try the shirt on. The fit is really good and it is a comfortable shirt. The sleeves are a good length and everything else fits well too. It is nice and long to tuck in easily, but not too long so I could still wear it untucked if I so desire.

One thing I did find interesting is that the fabric I chose is stated as non-iron fabric, which usually means after you wash the shirt you can just hang it up and it is good to go. In my experiences these types of shirts usually wrinkle less as well (wrinkle-free), but not this one. While the wrinkles come out easily, after wearing the shirt for an evening it had a lot of creases in it. Just something to consider: if you hate having to wash your shirts all the time, you may find yourself ironing this one often.



Final opinion on Natty Shirts

Natty Shirts has a decent website for ordering online and a great selection of fabrics. They offer some pretty good discounts too, so that is always an added bonus. My shirt was designed just the way I requested and the construction is good. With the current prices (spring fiesta and close out fabrics) down to $24-$40 you can’t really go wrong with Natty Shirts. As I am sure you have heard me complain before about other companies, the shirt came only wrapped in a DHL sleeve. I am just a firm believer in packaging your product in a quality box that represents your quality product, but that is just me personally.

Endorsement: I certainly endorse Natty shirts for their large fabric selection and quality shirts. Natty offers a reasonably speedy process and if you order multiple shirts through them they do the smart thing and ensure the first one fits before making the others.

3 thoughts on “Natty Shirts: Tiniest Brown Blue – Shirt Review

  1. The best part of natty is their incredible fabric selection. The quality is reasonably good, possibly on par with Nordstrom’s. Natty is a good deal if you can dial in on the sizing. I’ve received 3 shirts so far, and all 3 had sizing issues. Natty comped the second shirt, so I’ll see how the replacement fits. Problems include: they make the left wrist cuff larger than the right wrist cuff resulting in the left sleeve hangs lower than the right sleeve, they have button holes on both sides of the cuff, and they use two buttons on the cuff for sizing purposes. They don’t always follow directions with respect to just using one cuff button hole, only sewing on one cuff button, and making size adjustments. The buttons are too large, but that’s a secondary quibble. Depending on how the remaining shirts in production fit, I’d love to order from them again. If they don’t fit, then I’ll gladly pay double to find someone who can make made-to-measure shirt that fits.

    1. Jeff,

      Thanks for your thoughts about Natty. It is always great to hear other opinions on these companies and in this case, someone who has actually purchased products from the company. I completely agree that the best part is the fabric selection. They have so many choices it is hard to even look through all of them and pick just one.

      I hope you have a better result with the next shirt so you can take advantage of the great selection of fabrics!


    2. Jeff many online sellers create style disasters, ill fitted shirts without having the extensive quality made. Avoid the ones that do not have US address on their website or their production is outsourced. Try made in US. .. it would cost more but you’ll save with repeated troubles.

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