Harry’s: The Truman Set – Grooming Review


Recently I purchase a shaving set from Harry’s, a relatively new company (product launched in March 2013), offering a better option for shaving. Specifically, I purchase The Truman Set, which comes with a razor handle, 3 blades and a tube of shaving cream. I have now been using it for over a week and this is my review of the product.


The set came in a nice blue box. Inside this blue box were the three products mentioned above and a little card detailing how to shave. The card was entertaining as it had some humor mixed in, but I’m pretty sure I already know how to shave after many years of doing it everyday… Anyway, all the boxes looked nice and the products were even better. I opted to go with the Olive colored handle when I ordered and I am very pleased with the finish of it. The blades are very simplistic and plenty sharp for a nice shave. The shaving cream comes in a decent sized tube, nothing special on the outside.


The Truman Set 1

The Truman Set 2




Using Harry Truman’s Razor AKA The Truman Set

Okay, so we all know it isn’t the same style razor Harry Truman used, but it’s still a darn good razor. Simplistic and sharp, what more could you ask for? The handle is very basic, but there is no need for any fancy grips or anything (anyone who thinks otherwise can go spend $25 on a Gillette Fusion Razor and subsequent absurd amounts of money on replacement blades). Plus, on their site there is proof that quality construction went in to the blade to provide comfort, significance, and control. You can read more about the blades here, but essentially, they have the appropriate arch for strength and sharpness, as well as a strip of aloe vera and vitamin E to sooth the skin. Blades and Handles aside, what I believe truly make’s the Harry’s shaving experience great is the shaving cream. Made from all natural ingredients, you can’t even compare it to your average department store shaving cream. I can’t even explain so I will let you read more about it on Harry’s site here. All of these products mixed together make for a very pleasant (and clean) shave.

Final Thoughts

For a mere $15 dollars you can purchase The Truman Set and start you Harry’s shaving experience. That is a heck of a deal for everything you get. If that isn’t impressive enough, the blades only cost $2 bucks a piece and they get cheaper if you buy more of them. That is a fantastic deal, because I don’t think my facial hair is planning to stop growing anytime soon so i might as well stock up.

Endorsement: At the quality and price point of Harry’s you can’t go wrong. If you have been using store bought razors like Gillette and Schick your whole life, you are going to love switching to Harry’s and so will your wallet.

2 thoughts on “Harry’s: The Truman Set – Grooming Review

  1. After receiving my Truman razor which much anticipation, it was a big disappointment. I shave every alternate day so I have a tad bit more hair on my face than regular shavers. The razor felt very rough on my skin and I got bleeding cuts when shaving against the grain. My 20 day old Schick Hydro razor gives a much better shave and experience than a brand new Harry’d razor. I am not sure about all the rosy reviews about the product all over the internet. They definitely seem to be a marketing propaganda for the product. But with this quality of the razor, I highly doubt they will gain popularity no matter how much the initial hype is generated. The razor needs improvement and these guys can learn a thing or two from Schick hydro.

    1. Sameer,

      I am sorry you had a negative experience with your Harry’s Truman razor. I still use my Truman razor and it has been working great for me. I don’t get any cuts no matter what direction I shave in. While I wouldn’t classify the razor as being anything extra special, I find their shaving cream to be unbelievably good!

      And just for the record, the items that I reviewed from Harry’s were purchased, not gifted and I am definitely not marketing for Harry’s.


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