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Enter the BeltCraft Revolution

I have recently stumbled upon this fascinating new company, BeltCraft. Not only do they offer great-looking hand-crafted belts, but they actually let you design your own from scratch! You can choose all the details down to the color of the belt loop and stitching. After you have designed your belt, it gets even better. The next step allows you to post your belt as one of their ‘Recently Crafted‘ products for 30 days. And here’s the icing on the cake; every time someone purchases your design, BeltCraft will give you $2 and send $2 to the charity of the month. Pretty cool, hey? You get to design a belt, purchase it for a surprisingly reasonable price ($50-$65), and then if others purchase it you get some cash in your pocket and you get to feel good because money is sent to charity as well. Not a bad deal.

Craft Yours

BeltCraft has provided me the opportunity to review a belt that I design for 50% off. So I went ahead and crafted my belt with the details below. I went a little more on the conservative side with this one (not to colorful or anything), because I have been searching for a nice light brownish belt and couldn’t find anything that fit the bill. I did; however, add a little flare with a darker belt loop and some burnt orange stitching to compliment the cognac color of the belt.

Craft Yours – Leather
Belt Color: glossy cognac
Stitch Color: burnt orange
Loop Color: papaya
Buckle Shape: square
Buckle Color: polished silver
Cut: Feathered Edge
Length: 34

This information is for the ‘Recently Crafted’ Section:

Belt: Made To Review
Crafter: Shane David Kroening

BeltCraft Belt

Additional Information

The leather is imported from Italy and the belts are constructed in New York City. They offer leather, suede and cotton belts and their buckles are made in America from all natural brass. Most importantly, they guarantee their belts and will repair or replace yours if it somehow breaks.

Final Thoughts

Let me tell you, I am definitely excited to receive this belt and review it. It is probably obvious that I like custom products, since I run this blog, but I have never designed my very own belt. I feel as though a lot of people don’t really think of belts as being a fashion/style statement, but more of just an additional piece to the puzzle that is required to complete the look. Well, I believe BeltCraft is going to change that. With their custom belts you can now express yourself with an article of clothing that has always been considered boring and utilitarian.

Bonus: As a thank you to my readers I have teamed up with BeltCraft to offer you all a 10% discount for the summer (expires August 31st). Just enter the code MadeForSummer10 to receive the discount on your own custom belt!

Belt on, BeltCraft.

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