The Tie Bar – Site Review

The Tie Bar

So, I have recently decided that I have as much interest in menswear accessories as I do in the actual menswear. With that in mind, I decided to splurge a bit at The Tie Bar (TTB) and purchase a few accessories for my upcoming rehearsal dinner and wedding (gotta always look fresh for the important stuff, right?).

First Impressions

My initial thoughts of TTB are that it is pretty great. They have a huge selection to offer of ties, bow ties, squares, links, and bars. Oh, and they carry socks too! Choosing a tie is fairly convenient because you can sort by width, pattern and five or six other common options to narrow down your choices. The rest of the products have a few criteria to narrow searches, but ultimately you end up having to sort through pages of selections to find what you want (you can’t even sort pocket squares by color!). Once concern I have heard from a lot of people is that their plaid tie patterns are printed instead of actually woven. I can’t confirm or deny this as I have never purchased a plaid one, but the cautionary tale definitely steered me to a striped tie instead.

My Order

Ordering from TTB is very simple. You just hit the ‘add to cart’ button and then when you are satisfied with the products in your cart you click ‘checkout’, choose your shipping method (FedEx Ground is only $5.99 for all orders and it only takes a week), and pay the price. I purchased a nice grey and purple striped tie, a white linen pocket square with a purple border, and a silk navy pocket square. Pictures to come in the review of the actual products!

Closing Remarks

For the price of the ties and pocket squares, TTB is superior. That being said, they definitely have some room for improvement. I think better pictures and more detailed descriptions on their site would help more people feel at ease when purchasing a tie for less than the price of most neckwear companies. My products will here in a little over a week for the review!