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The Ultimate Summer Collection by Indochino

The Ultimate Summer Collection by Indochino

Just a month after Indochino released its Ultimate Spring Collection, they have now come out with a summer collection. This was probably an excellent decision because many people felt that the spring collection was a bit late, considering by the time you order and then receive your items weeks later spring is practically over. The summer collection seems to stem from their spring collection (makes sense) as it is also titled ‘Ultimate‘.

What’s Included

The summer collection offers just three new suits, two seersuckers and an orange herringbone. There are four other new blazers and you can also purchase the suits in just blazer form or you can add a vest too. A new addition that I am rather interested in is five new rain and trench coats, offered in some bold colors like blaze and cobalt. Next on the list are the shirts and chinos. There are too many colors to bring up here, but all the shirts are pinstripe, some premium, some not. The chinos are offered in a wide variety of colors from stone to golden rod. Last but not least, are the accessories, belts and pocket squares. I believe belts are a fresh addition to the Indochino accessories. The pocket squares come in a few unique patterns with colors to compliment the new line of blazers and shirts.

Personally, I am a fan of the new Blue Seersucker Suit and the Premium Plaid Blazer:
Indochino Lookbook (Summer)