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Monte Carlo Tailors

Your Tailored Clothes Experience

This is the tagline on Monte Carlo Tailors (MC Tailors) website, and that is exactly what they offer. A company based in Bangkok, Thailand; they provide online bespoke tailoring of both suits and shirts for men (and trousers, although that’s a given). They also have a ‘quick shop’, that offers made to measure clothing for both men and women. The quick shop has some pre-designed suits and shirts that you can select from. A nice bonus that MC Tailors offers is that of custom tailoring of many items. They can remake a garment that you already have, should you have somehow ruined it (spilt coffee or whiskey on it, etc.) or if you just want another one. Through their FAQ they provide an answer that states they can make nearly anything custom if you contact them with information and a photo of what you want.

MC Tailors provides a great deal of useful information on their website as to why they are located in Bangkok (convenience), why you should purchase from them (custom options and price), and if it is a safe bet to measure yourself (indeed, it is). They also have some articles on men’s tailoring and clothing patterns so as to help you understand the benefits of custom tailored clothing and the common patterns chosen for men’s suits and shirts.

Designing a suit and shirt

Both designing a suit and designing a shirt are pretty similar on MC Tailors website. First you select the fabric (and quality of fabric) you want for the garment and then you choose all the different design options. For a suit, the design choices included everything from jacket style and fit to trouser cuffs, not leaving much to be desired except perhaps better visuals (it’s all just rough sketches). The shirt design is pretty similar, except with different options (obviously). Once you choose the fabric and design that you are going to go with next is the measurements. The measurement process is very comprehensive, even requesting your hair and eye color and skin tone if you want to provide it. They then ask for most (if not all) the different measurements you would expect for a custom clothier and then you finish the order process. An alternative option is to setup a video chat appointment and then they will assist you in figuring out your measurements.


Overall, MC Tailors provides a rather comprehensive experience on their site. Answering any questions you have and providing articles and contact information should you need to get a hold of them directly. The design process for your custom garments is very straight forward and easy to follow. The main thing they could improve on would be to provide actual pictures or some type of 3D rendering of the item you are designing. The rough sketches they offer now get the job done, but like I said, they are just rough sketches and they don’t always portray the exact details of your customizations. Thanks to MC Tailors generosity I have been offered a suit and shirt for review here. I am working with their staff to place my order and the products should be arriving (based on their website) about 25 days after the order is in.

Bonus for my readers

As mentioned above, I have been working with a member of the MC Tailors staff, Raja. He has kindly offered to provide my readers with two phenomenal deals on MC Tailors products.

  • The first deal is 50% off any item at MC Tailors. Just send an email to and state “Made to Review is Awesome”. He will then provide you with the appropriate coupon code.
  • The second deal is for a base material suit for $199. Just email and state “Shane Rocks” along with your suit color and pattern that you are interested in.

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