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About iTailor

iTailor is a tailoring factory that offers custom dress shirts, tailored suits, custom jeans, and ties; all made to your measurements. iTailor also offers women’s custom blouses and they just opened a new division called iShoes, that specializes in creating custom shoes. They have been around for more than 40 years and pride themselves on offering affordable factory prices for quality products. Other than quality and price, iTailor also utilizes an excellent IT staff to offer ‘limitless designs’ and excellent customer service (24-48hr response time).

Their website has 3D designers for all of their different products to customize them to the fullest and details about their company, factory, and mission. With an excellent looking website, iTailor comes off as a professional company with a high quality product.

Ordering a custom shirt

iTailor’s 3D designer offers four basic steps when creating a custom shirt.

  1. When it comes to ordering Fabric at iTailor, there are almost too many choices. They have a signature sky blue fabric that runs at $29.95, other solids for $39.95, and then patterns for $49.95.
  2. Once you select your fabric, the next step is Style. This includes seven different choices, such as sleeve length, collar style, cuff style, etc.
  3. Next is Color Contrast. For no extra charge you get to choose contrast colors for the cuffs, collar, and placket. You then select your button and thread colors and add a monogram if you so desire.
  4. The final step is inputting your measurements. At this point they show you how to measure neck, chest, waist, hips, shirt length, shoulders, and sleeves.

After you have made your choices and input your measurements you can then add the item to your cart and continue shopping or checkout.


They offer an excellent 3D shopping experience online and from what I can tell so far they are a professional company at reasonable prices. iTailor is providing me a custom shirt to review and I have completed the ordering process and await the product at this time. Look for a follow-up review on the shirt in the coming weeks.

3 thoughts on “iTailor – Site Review

  1. I ordered a suit from them an while back. The tag on the pants says “wool blend”, which from what I’ve read means 45/55 wool/poly, or 60/40 for premium suits. The jacket has no tag but it’s the same material, and the polyester is enough to give it a slight sheen, which some people are fine with. Shirts are either full poly or cotton/polyester. So their website is misleading in that regard, but I knew that when I purchased the suit because there’s no way anyone can make a full wool suit for that price.

    Other than that, the fit is impeccable and the construction is great and feels durable. The buying experience is enjoyable as you get to see your customizations in a live preview, so I knew exactly what the suit would look like before I bought it. They also save your measurements for future orders. It’s a great place to buy an interesting custom shirt or first suit if you don’t want to worry about going to a tailor and you don’t mind polyester. I can send photos if you’d like to see them.

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