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Battle of the undershirts: Round 2 – UnderFit vs Sloane Men

UnderFit vs Sloane Men

I never thought I’d say it, but I am really taking a liking to the tailored/fitted undershirt concept. Around a month and a half ago I was given the opportunity to try out two different undershirt companies that are attempting to change the game… and doing just that! These companies are UnderFit and Mr. Davis, and you can view my review/comparison piece here. In addition to these two companies, I have recently been introduced to a third ‘undershirt game changing’ company. Enter, Sloane Men, offering ‘The Invisible Undershirt’. Sloane Men offers numerous shades of skin-colored undershirts to match your skin as close as possible, but they also offer a traditional white undershirt that is the same thing, except the color. They were kind enough to send me a skin-colored undershirt and a white one. Today, I will be talking about the white undershirt and comparing it to UnderFit.
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Battle of the undershirts: Round 3 – Sloane Men vs Mr. Davis

sloane men vs mr. davis undershirts

Well, it’s official… the new-world undershirts are taking over my undershirt drawer and they have become my go-to undershirts. As you can see in the last two ‘battles’ (#1 & #2) I have now tried out three different undershirt brands: UnderFit, Mr. Davis, and Sloane Men. In this article I will not have any new brands, but will be comparing the skin-tone version of Sloane Men’s undershirts to my previously acquired Mr. Davis skin-tone undershirt. Both of these products are great undershirts and I will be pointing out the key details below about what I like and dislike about each.
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Battle of the undershirts – UnderFit vs Mr. Davis

undershirts faceoff

Recently, I was contacted by Ben Brockland (Co-Founder) at UnderFit Shirts to review an undershirt from them. I happily accepted and the shirt was on its way. Shortly afterward I noticed en emerging company that does undershirts in a similar way (similar meaning, better than the average department store undershirt). This company was call Mr. Davis and I found them through Kickstarter where they raised an impressive $65,000 (with a goal of $10,000). After talking with Jeremy Chrysler who was in charge of the Kickstarter project, I soon had a Mr. Davis undershirt on its way as well. With this fantastic opportunity I have the chance to check out both shirts and compare them side-by-side — Here begins the battle of the undershirts!
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