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Milk Shirts – Site Review

“We create custom white dress shirts for men who value style, comfort and above all, exceptional craftsmanship.” Milk Shirts is a company that does strictly white dress shirts for men. And based on what I have seen so far, they do a great job of it. They offer many white dress shirts, in three varieties;… Read more »

Lewis & Taylor Shirt Makers – Site Review

I was recently contacted by Lewis & Taylor Shirt Makers and offered the opportunity to review one of their shirts. After discussion of the product with their friendly staff I accepted their offer and headed over to the site to order my shirt. The site is nice & clean, and there is a large button… Read more »

Neronote – Site Review

Bespoke Online Shirts Neronote has been so kind as to offer me a shirt for review from them. At first glance, Neronote has a great looking website and it holds true to that with many features to offer. They have a lot of helpful shipping and customer information available, guides to how to utilize the… Read more »

Natty Shirts – Site Review

Purely Hand Made Custom Dress Shirts Since 2003, Natty Shirts has been offering hand-made custom dress shirts. The boast quality, workmanship, customer service, and a seven-day delivery to your door. This is definitely the quickest I have heard of any custom-made shirts being produced and delivered. You can read more about their quality shirt making… Read more »

BeltCraft – Site Review

Enter the BeltCraft Revolution I have recently stumbled upon this fascinating new company, BeltCraft. Not only do they offer great-looking hand-crafted belts, but they actually let you design your own from scratch! You can choose all the details down to the color of the belt loop and stitching. After you have designed your belt, it… Read more »

The Tie Bar – Site Review

So, I have recently decided that I have as much interest in menswear accessories as I do in the actual menswear. With that in mind, I decided to splurge a bit at The Tie Bar (TTB) and purchase a few accessories for my upcoming rehearsal dinner and wedding (gotta always look fresh for the important… Read more »

Tailor4Less – Site Review

Tailor4Less – affordable elegance Tailor4Less (t4l) offers custom suits and custom shirts at very affordable prices. You can also purchase just a jacket or pair of pants, as well as numerous accessories such as ties, belts and cufflinks. They have model pictures of men wearing their suits, coats, and pants and providing 3D renderings of… Read more »

Monte Carlo Tailors – Site Review

Your Tailored Clothes Experience This is the tagline on Monte Carlo Tailors (MC Tailors) website, and that is exactly what they offer. A company based in Bangkok, Thailand; they provide online bespoke tailoring of both suits and shirts for men (and trousers, although that’s a given). They also have a ‘quick shop’, that offers made… Read more »

iTailor – Site Review

About iTailor iTailor is a tailoring factory that offers custom dress shirts, tailored suits, custom jeans, and ties; all made to your measurements. iTailor also offers women’s custom blouses and they just opened a new division called iShoes, that specializes in creating custom shoes. They have been around for more than 40 years and pride… Read more »

Ratio Clothing – Site Review

Custom Dress Shirts, The Ratio Way This is the concept offered over at Ratio Clothing. They have three staples of their custom dress shirt shopping experience; Impeccable Quality, Ratio Sizing, and Risk Free Shopping. I wont go to in-depth here about their process, because they do an excellent job explaining it all on their site,… Read more »

Jack Threads – Site Review

Alright, so I know that I told you this was going to be an MTM review site, and Jack Threads products certainly aren’t made to measure… but I have fallen for making numerous purchases from this site (specific product reviews to follow) and think they deserve a detailed review. Jack Threads is a members only… Read more »