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Old Bull Lee – Shorts Review

Recently I have been in contact with Lee Johnson of Old Bull Lee Shorts who was gracious enough to send me two pairs of their shorts for review. After receiving the shorts and wearing them around a bit I am posting my full review of them below.

iTailor – iShoes Review

I have recently been working with iTailor to try out their new iShoes line and I have now received the shoes and worn them around quite a bit. In the past I have done a shirt review and a suit review and have been satisfied with the quality of the products that iTailor sent me,… Read more »

Milk Shirts – Site Review

“We create custom white dress shirts for men who value style, comfort and above all, exceptional craftsmanship.” Milk Shirts is a company that does strictly white dress shirts for men. And based on what I have seen so far, they do a great job of it. They offer many white dress shirts, in three varieties;… Read more »

Dapper Classics – Sock Review

Recently, Dapper Classics has been generous enough to send me some of their socks for review. I am happy to announce that the socks have arrived and they look great. Below you will find my full review of the socks and any details you should need to know about them.

Lewis & Taylor Shirt Makers – Site Review

I was recently contacted by Lewis & Taylor Shirt Makers and offered the opportunity to review one of their shirts. After discussion of the product with their friendly staff I accepted their offer and headed over to the site to order my shirt. The site is nice & clean, and there is a large button… Read more »

iTailor – Suit Review

A few weeks back I received and reviewed my first iTailor product; a custom tailored dress shirt. You can read that review here, but today I want to showcase my next iTailor product review; a custom tailored suit. Shortly after completing my shirt review with iTailor they offered me the opportunity to review one of… Read more »

BeltCraft – Belt Review

A few weeks ago, I received the BeltCraft belt that I have been anxiously waiting for after I designed it a while back. You can read the details here, but basically I got to build my own belt, pick out the color/material, the accents for the loop and stitching, and the buckle design and metal.

Battle of the undershirts – UnderFit vs Mr. Davis

Recently, I was contacted by Ben Brockland (Co-Founder) at UnderFit Shirts to review an undershirt from them. I happily accepted and the shirt was on its way. Shortly afterward I noticed en emerging company that does undershirts in a similar way (similar meaning, better than the average department store undershirt). This company was call Mr…. Read more »

iTailor – Shirt Review

Over the weekend I received my iTailor shirt for review. You can view my initial review of iTailor here. The shirt came in a UPS bag and then wrapped in a plastic sleeve. It also had a small thank you/tell your friends note in the sleeve.

Harry’s: The Truman Set – Grooming Review

Recently I purchase a shaving set from Harry’s, a relatively new company (product launched in March 2013), offering a better option for shaving. Specifically, I purchase The Truman Set, which comes with a razor handle, 3 blades and a tube of shaving cream. I have now been using it for over a week and this… Read more »

Tailor4Less: Quebec Fabric – Shirt Review

Yesterday, my custom dress shirt from Tailor4Less (t4l) arrived, two days ahead of schedule. Wrapped in a manilla envelope came the shirt and a black envelope. Contained in the black envelope was a card, detailing how to launder and iron the product as well as how to submit for adjustments or a remake. Details of… Read more »

Neronote – Site Review

Bespoke Online Shirts Neronote has been so kind as to offer me a shirt for review from them. At first glance, Neronote has a great looking website and it holds true to that with many features to offer. They have a lot of helpful shipping and customer information available, guides to how to utilize the… Read more »

Natty Shirts – Site Review

Purely Hand Made Custom Dress Shirts Since 2003, Natty Shirts has been offering hand-made custom dress shirts. The boast quality, workmanship, customer service, and a seven-day delivery to your door. This is definitely the quickest I have heard of any custom-made shirts being produced and delivered. You can read more about their quality shirt making… Read more »