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Mizzen+Main – Shirt Review

I have been in touch with the Co-Founder and CEO of Mizzen+Main, Kevin Lavelle and it has been great to work with him on setting up a review. Mizzen+Main is a fashion company based out of Dallas, Texas and Columbus, Ohio. They offer moisture wicking dress shirts. Check out Mizzen+Main’s fascinating story and purpose for… Read more »

Herring Shoes – Shoe Review

A while back I got in touch with Herring Shoes and was offered a pair of Herring Ferndown shoes, part of the Herring Classic Collection. All of the shoes in this line are goodyear welted and they range in price from £165 to £225.

ShaveMOB – “Pink Razors for Pink Ribbons”

As you may already be aware, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and this year ShaveMOB is doing it’s part to help out all the patients of breast cancer. For every women’s razor sale in the month of October, ShaveMOB will be donating twenty-five cents to the Rocky Mountain Cancer Assistance (RMCA), a non-profit… Read more »

Re-Introducing Mantorii!

Per their current Facebook post and an email I received a few hours ago, Mantorii is up and running again. The online custom men’s dress shoes company started business up again this morning after a three-month hiatus. They offer men’s shoes starting at $299, a heck of a deal for custom! They also have some… Read more »

Milk Shirts – Shirt Review

As you may know, I have recently been in touch with Milk Shirts to review some of their white dress shirts that they provide. You can read my initial review of their site here. Since then I have received the three shirts that I talk about in that article and below you will find my… Read more »

ShaveMOB The Caveman – Grooming Review

Recently I was contacted by staff at ShaveMOB and offered the opportunity to review a two month supply of their men’s blades. ShaveMOB is based out of Denver, CO where I am also located. It’s always great to get to know local businesses! They sent me a four-pack of their Caveman (6 blade razor) with… Read more »

Lewis & Taylor – Shirt Review

As you may remember, I did a site review of Lewis & Taylor Shirt Makers a while back. I received the shirt in a timely manner, back in July. After some minor issues (detailed below), I was finally able to wear and review the shirt. I am pleased to report that I am happy with… Read more »

Completely Royal – Belt Review

About a month ago I reached out to Completely Royal. Founded in 2012, Completely Royal is a men’s clothing and accessories company that currently offers leather belts. Little did I realize that these belts were of a very unique nature. The next day i received a reply from Zack Chapple, Founder of Completely Royal. We… Read more »

InStitchu – Shirt Review

You may remember that a while back I posted an article about InStitchu. At that time it was just my general opinion of the type of company that InStitchu is. I am happy to say that I can now back up my opinion with a review of an actual product from InStitchu. I had been… Read more »

Old Bull Lee – Shorts Review

Recently I have been in contact with Lee Johnson of Old Bull Lee Shorts who was gracious enough to send me two pairs of their shorts for review. After receiving the shorts and wearing them around a bit I am posting my full review of them below.

iTailor – iShoes Review

I have recently been working with iTailor to try out their new iShoes line and I have now received the shoes and worn them around quite a bit. In the past I have done a shirt review and a suit review and have been satisfied with the quality of the products that iTailor sent me,… Read more »

Milk Shirts – Site Review

“We create custom white dress shirts for men who value style, comfort and above all, exceptional craftsmanship.” Milk Shirts is a company that does strictly white dress shirts for men. And based on what I have seen so far, they do a great job of it. They offer many white dress shirts, in three varieties;… Read more »

Tailor Store – Site Review

Hand cut for a perfect fit Recently, I have been working with the CEO of Tailor Store to start a review of the company. Tailor Store has offered me the opportunity to review many of their different products. This article will discuss their site and the order process of these different items.