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The Tie Bar – Site Review

So, I have recently decided that I have as much interest in menswear accessories as I do in the actual menswear. With that in mind, I decided to splurge a bit at The Tie Bar (TTB) and purchase a few accessories for my upcoming rehearsal dinner and wedding (gotta always look fresh for the important… Read more »

Indochino: Ultimate Summer – News & Updates

The Ultimate Summer Collection by Indochino Just a month after Indochino released its Ultimate Spring Collection, they have now come out with a summer collection. This was probably an excellent decision because many people felt that the spring collection was a bit late, considering by the time you order and then receive your items weeks… Read more »

Tailor4Less – Site Review

Tailor4Less – affordable elegance Tailor4Less (t4l) offers custom suits and custom shirts at very affordable prices. You can also purchase just a jacket or pair of pants, as well as numerous accessories such as ties, belts and cufflinks. They have model pictures of men wearing their suits, coats, and pants and providing 3D renderings of… Read more »

Monte Carlo Tailors – Site Review

Your Tailored Clothes Experience This is the tagline on Monte Carlo Tailors (MC Tailors) website, and that is exactly what they offer. A company based in Bangkok, Thailand; they provide online bespoke tailoring of both suits and shirts for men (and trousers, although that’s a given). They also have a ‘quick shop’, that offers made… Read more »

Arden Reed – News & Updates

I have recently been in contact with Carlos Solorio of Arden Reed, a Custom Suiting company. He has informed me of a new venture that they are taking the business on. Literally, they will be driving around the States supplying men with custom fitting suits and shirts.

Now on Twitter and FaceBook!

Made to Review has now joined the social networking environment! We officially have a twitter account and facebook page. Please start following our twitter feed and like our facebook page to get updates on all the reviews we complete! Made to Review – Twitter Account         Made to Review – FaceBook Page

InStitchu – General Company Article

Today, I would like to talk about InStitchu, an online tailor-made suit and shirt company. Founded in 2010, by two businessmen who had a need for well-fitting clothing. InStitchu has since rocketed to the elite ranks of being one of the top start-up companies to watch in 2013 (BRW ‘Emerging Companies 2013’). Based in Australia,… Read more »

iTailor – Site Review

About iTailor iTailor is a tailoring factory that offers custom dress shirts, tailored suits, custom jeans, and ties; all made to your measurements. iTailor also offers women’s custom blouses and they just opened a new division called iShoes, that specializes in creating custom shoes. They have been around for more than 40 years and pride… Read more »

MatthewAperry: Custom Suits – News & Updates

I have been looking into an exciting custom tailor company that I just found out about, called MatthewAperry. They are an online Custom Clothier company that started in 2005 and has been offering bespoke suits, shirts, coats & blazers, pants, vests and accessories such as ties, tie clips and cufflinks. They have great pictures of… Read more »

Blank Label: Boardroom Collection – News & Updates

Over the weekend, Blank Label released the Boardroom Collection. With this collection Blank Label is emphasizing how important it is to look your best in the best fitting clothes for your business life. The choices range from a few standard solid shirts to stripes and grids. They are all professional looking, which makes perfect sense…. Read more »

Ratio Clothing – Site Review

Custom Dress Shirts, The Ratio Way This is the concept offered over at Ratio Clothing. They have three staples of their custom dress shirt shopping experience; Impeccable Quality, Ratio Sizing, and Risk Free Shopping. I wont go to in-depth here about their process, because they do an excellent job explaining it all on their site,… Read more »

The forum has arrived!

Today I took some time and implemented a forum page to go along with my review site! You can sign up through multiple services (e.g., FaceBook, Google, etc.). In addition, the forum is built-in to the site, so once you sign up you can then also comment on posts using that same account.